What is post flight-flu? Top tips on how to stop it ruining your holiday

What is post flight-flu? Top tips on how to stop it ruining your holiday

A doctor has explained how best to avoid a common post-flight illness which ruins tens if not hundreds of thousands of holidays each year.

The feeling is an all too familiar one.

After a long trip to the airport, an even longer wait in departures, and then an uncomfortable and cramped flight, you finally land.

You are ready to get off the plane and jump straight into holiday mode, relax and enjoy whatever joys the destination has to offer.

Then all of a sudden, your nasal passages start to dry, and you feel irritation in your nose and throat. Despite just arriving, you find yourself starting your holiday with a cold.

The ailment is a surprisingly common one, but why does it happen and how can it be prevented?

Dr Emma Hughes, in-house doctor at Pura Collagen, explains what causes “post-flight flu”, and how to ensure that you avoid it, so you can enjoy your holiday to the fullest:

What is post-flight flu?

Feeling unwell after a flight can feel miserable, and the culprit? Low humidity in the airplane.

There is low moisture in the air which in turn can dry out your nasal passages, leading to flu like symptoms.

The change in atmospheric pressure can mess with our body’s defences, leaving our immune system weakened and consequently, we are left feeling rotten.

In addition, due to the conditions, germs can hang around for days or even weeks in an airplane, even after previous passengers have departed.

This can leave us more susceptible to picking up something unpleasant, especially on a longer flight

How to prevent post-flight flu

  1. Sanitise regularly

The best way to fight off any bacteria is to make sure that you sanitise regularly.

This includes wiping down any area that you may be sitting in, along with sanitising your hands to prevent touching and picking up any nasty germs.

  1. Look after your immune system

Ensuring that your immune system is boosted before a flight will give you the best chance of avoiding any cold or flu.

This can be achieved through eating foods which are rich with nutrients, and taking supplements packed with goodness.

  1. Stay hydrated

When the humidity drops in the airplane, your body uses water for a variety of important functions.

As a consequence, it is so easy to get dehydrated when travelling, which will leave you feeling rough post-flight.

It is therefore essential to make sure you stay hydrated when flying, carry a water bottle with you when you are travelling and ensure that it is continuously topped up.