Baby with more hair than most middle-aged men is stopped in street by stunned strangers

Baby with more hair than most middle-aged men is stopped in street by stunned strangers

A mum has claimed her baby has “more hair than most middle-aged men” as her George Michael -like mane stops strangers in the street.

Rachel Ware, 31, was taken aback when Marley Chappell was born with long, dark hair.

The seven-month-old’s hair goes past her shoulders but defies gravity by standing up on end.

Little Marley’s hair either appears to stick up straight or fashions itself into a sideways blow dry – in a style favoured by singer George Michael in the 80s.

Rachel says she gets stopped in the street by passers-by flocking around Marley’s pram complimenting her on her enormous barnet.

The mum even joked that Marley has more hair than most middle-aged men at the tender age of just seven months old.

Rachel, from Kingsteignton, Devon, said: “Most middle-aged men are receding and haven’t got much hair – she’s got loads and she’s only seven months old.

“She’s got a half mullet at the back and it’s just wild in the front, I have to tie it up or clip it back otherwise it just hangs down. It’s kind of got 80s New Romantic vibes to it.

“She gets comments wherever we go.

“Everyone comments on how much hair she has – random people when we’re out shopping say it, everyone we saw when we went for her doctor’s checks commented as well.

“They couldn’t believe how much hair she had, it happens the majority of the time I go out with her.

“We’re getting married next year, she’ll be 18 months by the time we get married, and she’ll probably have a bob by then.

The mum-of-two says the girl, who was born weighing 7lb 8oz, was born with a full head of hair and after a couple of months it started sticking up.

Marley’s mum and property developer business owner dad Lewis Chappell, 36, are also blessed in the hair department.

Rachel, who is also a mum to two-year-old Theo Chappell, said: “Both Lewis and I are brunettes and have a lot of hair.

“Marley was born with loads of hair but it obviously wasn’t as long. As she got to two months old it went spiky, you couldn’t flatten it down.

“It went spiky, it was like she had been on the balloons when it just sticks up – like static electricity.

“Babies usually lose lots of hair but she didn’t lose any of the top hair, she only lost a tiny ring at the back that’s grown over.

“It’s been consistently growing for some time. Her hair is quite thick as well as long, it now reaches her shoulders.

“She’s got the hair that she was born with that’s growing and then she’s got the new hair that’s growing underneath, which is a lot shorter. It’s a bit of a mullet style at the moment.

“No matter how much you flatten it down it’s adamant it’s going up, it has a mind of its own.”

There’s no specific routine that Rachel treats Marley’s locks to, aside from washing and combing them.

Rachel said: “I just give it a good shampoo and comb and we just let it dry naturally.

“When she was a lot younger a couple of my friends bought me those massive hair bands but I think there’s a limit on when they can wear them with the amount of hair [they have].

“They look good on babies that don’t have loads of hair.

“Then I started buying clips just to clip the fringe back because it got into her eyes and now we’ve opted for a plain hairband just to keep it all back.”

Rachel said Marley’s personality matches her wild hair.

Rachel said: “The hair is always going to win in any battle when I try and wash and dry it, you can’t really tame it. I love her hair, it matches her feisty little personality.”